How to block websites in Google Chrome (easy Way)

There is only one way we can block websites in Google Chrome EXTENSIONS.
I've found an extension which will block websites in Google Chrome. The extension name is called "Block Sites". Download the extension here: Click Here. Once you added the Block Sites extension in your Chrome browser, then this is how you can block websites in it.

Blocked Sites:

In the blocked sites section you can see a button called "Add Page" that is where you can enter the website name you like to block and press that Add Page button. It will be added to the blacklist of the block site extension.

Blocked Words:

Now with this extension we can block certain words like adult related words and even your own custom list of words, so that it will track down the word you have entered in a web page and if the word is present in any website, it will block.

Active Days and Time:

In active days and time you set on which day the blocked sites to be blocked and on which days the blocked sites to be unblocked. It is one of the finest option in block site extension where you can block websites like facebook and any other social networks on week days and unblock it on week ends for school studying children.

Uninstall Protection:

In uninstall protection you can set password for in case anyone wants to change your blocked websites from the block site extension. But it can be easily removed from Extensions (Google Chrome). In order to avoid that you have to go to PREMIUM account so that you will get to choose a password for Extensions (Google Chrome) itself. Cool isn't.

Premium Account:

For premium account all you do is just pay $4.99 = $5 and you will get password protection your Extensions option on google chrome. It's worth it.


In Others option you can select either Blacklist (which you entered to block websites) or Whitelist (Which will allow only websites you have entered and rest of the websites will be blocked).


Thank you for reading so far. For more tech solutions go to my YouTube Channel.

How to block websites in Google Chrome:

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