How To Get HOSTS File Missing SOLVED In Windows 7

How To Get HOSTS File Missing In Windows 7

Hosts file in Windows 7 is located at " C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ". If it is not there at the given location then it means your hosts file is missing. No need to worry just follow the below pictures.

Go to My Computer -> (in menu bar) Organize -> Files and search options -> On View (tab) -> (uncheck) Hide extension for known files type-OFF

Create a New Text Document which will now shown as "New Text Document.txt" with extension .txt

Click on that new text document and press F2 key on the keyboard, now you can rename the file. Rename the file with the name called "hosts" without extension.

It should now be like complete white page icon with a name "hosts" without extension. Now copy that file and paste it over " C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc " this location.

It will say "Destination Folder Access Denied", it is fine though. Click on that "Continue" button. Now you should have got the hosts file.

Hope these steps solved your missing hosts file journey. Thank you for standing by :) Watch below video to put this hosts file in some use (Block websites in Windows 7 using HOSTS file)

How to block websites in windows 7 without any software using hosts file.

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