How to run Turbo C/C++ in Windows7 using DOSBox application

Download DOSBox application from the below link:


Once you finished downloading the DOSBox application, you know what to do next. Install the application into your system.

Next follow the pictures below:

Add the below text without quotes at the bottom of the "DOSBox options.bat" file like I shown in the pic below.

mount d d:\
cd tc
cd bin

Copy the text within the double quotes and paste it at the bottom of the "DOSBox options.bat" file.

Here it says "mount d d:\" because I have "Turbo C" folder in Local Disk (D:)

Now there is few changes you need to make in the "DOSBox options.bat" file to run the "Tubro c" in full screen. In the "DOSBox options.bat" file, there will be "fullscreen=false". You need to change it to "fullscreen=true". This will make the DOSBox application to run in full screen mode.

This is the final look of your DOSBox application running "Turbo C", Enjoy! :)

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