Best Interactive Websites To Learn Programming Languages

To learn programming languages online, there are so many websites available in a search of GOOGLE. Here I give you the best sites where you can fulfil your thirst to learn programming language.

Website No.1- LIVE CODING

In this website you can see the experts LIVE working on how software programs are being created through live stream program which is been implemented by this LIVE CODING website. It is one of the innovative idea by the peoples behind this website. For more information about how this website and who created this website → click here

Website No.2- CODE ACADEMY

Code Academy is one of the other interactive websites for programming learning spot. Where you get cool interaction between the coding console and you yourself. You can learn most of the popular coding languages like Python, JavaScript etc.  

Website No.3 - CODE

The website so-called "Code Org" has another User Interface to make it even easier to the people to learn coding easily. Take a look at the below picture for more understanding of how code org working on their sites.

This kind of learning module makes you understand even more about how coding has been done if you are not a beginner.

Website No.4 - CODE SCHOOL

This website Code School is another decent website to have a cool interaction with the console in this website. You can learn some basic stuffs that are needed to build your coding knowledge in this site.
Website No.5 - CODE AVENGERS

Last but not least, if you want to build some serious apps and games for your mobiles and computers, you can go for this site. They have some cool stuffs that you need to put it in your brain. 


Just seeing is not enough, you need to put your brain in activities to learn and acquire the knowledge. Choose a coding website you like the most from the above list and have a daily practice hour to keep shaping your brain.


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