YouTube Hosted Adsense Not Working In Blogger Explained With Solutions 2020

In case if you are wondering why there is no ads being displayed in your blogspot, here is the reason why so.

Adsense has updated their policy not to use YouTube hosted account for bloggers. Since users started to use it in a non profitable way. Only just name sake adsense account has been created via YouTube which made lots of unused accounts or policy violated accounts. In order to stop that from happening they made clear to use content based adsense accounts to show ads on blogger. 
So how you gonna get adsense for your blog? Well there are 2 ways you can make that happen.


You need to submit your blog for review and let them decide whether it is content worthy to posses ads on pages. This happens only when you have no adsense account related to the blog or email id you use to sign in for blogger.