How to block domains/websites email in Gmail 2020

In this blog post I will show you, how to block emails from your inbox in Gmail account. 

Block Particular Email ID

STEP : 1

  • Open your browser go to a Gmail account were you getting a lot of emails from a particular person
    • for example we take that being the doctor I don't want to get email from this person individually just copy their email address
  • Click on settings, inside the settings you just have to go to the options of filters and they're also most of the options here that you can just play with that. But what we need is to go to filters and you just click on "create a new filter"
    • In the from address parameters you just have to enter the person you have to block just filter it up.

STEP : 2

  • If you want to block from a particular domain
    • For example if you don't want to get emails from address like yahoo any person with Yahoo Email address definitely not going to reach you
      • In FROM address filter type and you have to put a pipe symbol ( | ) in between other domain names
      • If you don't like getting any emails from this kind of type it next to pipe symbol, refer below picture.
Block All Emails from a Website/Domain

STEP : 3

  • After filling from input box, click on "Create filter with this search"
  • The next box will open in here you can just click any options that you want a particularly needed one for example we want those in the spam or want to delete it permanently
Create Filters with this Search Gmail

  • Next click on "Create Filter".
  • That's it. Your filter is created and this is a solution for your problem.
  • Now you don't get any emails from the domains or websites or particular individuals.
  • This is how we have to block email on our Gmail account
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