Best alternative to Photoshop and GIMP - Open Source

Looking for an alternative that serve best to design, art, filters etcetera? You got yourself a winning lottery. Yes, I'm a very big fan of using photoshop, mostly to edit images. But we need more right? Like creativity has no limits and to provide a tool for such creativity is hard and people like adobe and other software companies trying their best to do their service to such imaginative work digitally. So far so good right, but where does the problem lie? MONEY, yes since they put lots of work time and people to spend on developing the tool, it's really hard to run on free of cost. Although there are people like GIMP and the alternative I like to put forth is Krita (Digital Painting | Creative Freedom).

How they can run on free of cost? Because built it as open source application, so that they can work it out as a community where the rest of people who like to contribute can do so. It's more like the best way to bring interested people into  building up the tool most desirable way.

I don't want to give away much of its features and what way it can be on spotlight than photoshop or GIMP. After all it is free. Just download and give it a swing. I will put some link where you can start below.

Where Can I Download Krita?

Tutorials And Documentation of Krita 

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