How to activate any data card in three steps

Hello this post is about to know how to use the data card and initialization I will tell you one of the possible ways to make it work.

1. Initialization

Take the data card and pull downwards and you can open it. Inside it, you can see the SIM card Airtel network we have to put it up and pull it inside and you can see that the edge of the SIM should come outside and this is the where you put your SIM and here you can see it small slot beside where you can put your memory card too.

You can use this data card for multi purpose like pen drive, data usage and if its was well configured you can use this data card for making calls with this you can, you come up with the software which is provided by Airtel. In this software you can make calls you can get a call as well as SMS and you can use this as mobile and in laptops. Once you have inserted the SIM and initialization has been done just close it up and please check the screenshots below for this initialization.

2. Cost of the Data Card

I bought this data card for Rs.1550+750 plan and the plan may vary. 750 plan is very good enough it gives 6 GB data and unlimited browsing. At the initial stage this data card will give good speed is very fast for me, I run at 7.2 Mbps speed small b is called a bit big B is called bytes so don't confuse with both. At some point of time I get a complete speed for this Airtel 3G and it's all about the cost.

3. Activation

Now I will tell you how to activate this data card for activation of this data card you have to wait for 3 working days to get activated and then you have to submit all the proofs proves like your address and your name or some kind of stuffs before you buy the data card they will ask you to submit all this address proofs. Main thing you have to remember which address you have provided because after 3 working days if your data card is not activated you have to call you a service provider and then you have to ask them to activate the data card, and they will ask you to verify your address and your name that you have given in the shop while you bought this data card so if you once you've done all that things, and they will tell you that it will be activated within soon I mean like it will take an hour to activate it so once you have done all the procedures it will get activated

How you will make sure it is activated or not?

I will show you so this is my software, I have connected the data card to the laptop and automatically it will choose to install the software but I already installed it.

How will you make sure whether it is activated or not?

If it is activated you can see the signal below it shows AIRTEL HSPA and another thing that it helps to make sure whether it is activated or not you will get a first message from the Airtel network that glad to have you on the Airtel network some kind of welcome message will be sent so you can make sure it is activated.

What we will do after activation?

So after the activation you cannot directly connect it and then you use the data, before that you have to recharge the plans my plan for Rs.750 so you have to connect after the activation and don't install, not before the activation that may fail. For activation, you have to recharge the plan and main thing you should remember it will take some time like 3 working days to get activated.

Usage of Airtel data card?

This data card is capable of 7.2 Mbps so now we will check that the speed is that you show so whether it gives the maximum speed or not-

Red arrow → shows upload speed
Green arrow → shows download speed

There are some problems if your data path doesn't give you a maximum speed it may be a problem because you didn't get a proper signal to it. so that you have go to check the place where it gives a maximum speed, wherein some places the signal might be good and in some other places the signal is very bad so go and sit in the place where the signal is very good so that you can enjoy your internet browsing speed.

Open the browser and check it out the speed click the refresh button and you will see the speed in here it increases automatically just as the maximum speed I see this is the one 900 kbps so sometimes it goes up to 3.2 Mbps also that is a great thing actually I don't want to wait for videos to check if I could play any other video so it will give a maximum speed I don't have to wait like other people know here is a normal speed that's makes me very happy.

I don't want to waste all this 6 GB to the watching the browsing and some kind of stuff, so I like to go for a download for example that you should, it gives a maximum download that is a great thing that I will get it from here there is a drawback for this data card is that it initially it gives you maximum speed that you want to use if its continuous you will get some slow connection some time and some time it will be very bad also.

I didn't face that problem yet because this the interest is for me to you see that this thing goes for 9 kbps and if you keep on using your browser you use a maximum speed and even at some point it gives 2 Mbps so this is a great thing that you have a data card and then now it looks fine you can take it either to any place you want and this is all about the data card and I hope this was useful information and thank you for reading this post.

Video on how to activate data cards:

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