Matrix Live Wallpaper On Any Windows OS Easy Way


Hello this post is all about to get matrix rain drops on your desktop which is a really pretty awesome. Go to the you can download the application, open it just click on .exe file.

Click on enable dream scene button and just close it up. 

This application will support only the videos which have WMV format which is window media video format. 

You might wonder why did I get this video, it's pretty simple we have a site called where you can get all these kinds of looping videos 


  • Extract the zip file
  • Right-click on media will show "set as desktop wallpaper" click on you will have Matrix rain drop background wallpaper.

You might really have lots of fun and interesting. 

Well you can download it and get it on your desktop or a laptop any windows operating system, but before you do, I just suggest a small thing which is that if you have a more than 2 GB RAM you can now undoubtedly you can go and have this.

But if it's less than 2 GB RAM, then it will take a lot of memory from your system. It will drag and make your system run slow, so I'm pretty sure that if you have more than or 2 GB RAM, you can download and enjoy the background live wallpapers. If this post is useful, please like, comment and share.

Video on matrix rain drops live wallpaper:


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