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Hi in this post I am going to tell you about how to access your computer remotely from another device.

Here I am using the software called "Team Viewer" which they have given the lot of updates recently for accessing your computer remotely you need to do that there is a section called personal password click on this and select next option and computer name will be visible you can set any password that you like and click next the new tab will open you need to create your team viewer account email id and password.

If you have already a team viewer account just select the second option I already have an account and enter username and password and click next, and it will show that completing the wizard. You were automatically signed in to your team viewer account and this computer was added to your list of computers. You can connect to this computer from anywhere via our computer list from now on and click finish. 

Once you finish the sign-in, it will show you the name of the pc right now I am in the other device laptop I am going to access my computer. Once you completed the sign-in process you need to go to the browser and type 

where you need to log in. If you have created a new team viewer account you need to go and confirm it on your mail account, and you will be getting mail from the team viewer thanks for registering your team viewer account to finally activate your account.

It will open the team viewer page and give your mail id which you have given in the team viewer account and password and sign in. once if you open the team viewer account a new computer name has been added there is an option called connect and if you click on that option the pc page will be opened on your other device laptop, and you can access.

You can also see that who is using your computer when you are not there and this team viewer app also available for android mobile phone so the process will be the same I will be uploading that also. If you can see that total desktop background will be changed into black, and you can change that in view option click on remove wallpaper, and you can also view the pc and laptop at a same time.

There is another option also you can transfer the files with very high speed and select some file which has high memory for example quick time installer, and I am going to transfer this file to my computer to select the file and send.

It will start to copy the file to your computer and also you can chat with between both the devices. You can also record the screen what is happening in your both devices. 

TeamViewer Website: 


Alternative to TeamViewer - AnyDesk


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