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Hi in this post I am going to tell you about how to advance you Google Chrome website.

You can see the Google Chrome website you can write any task, or you want to remember the things what you want to do every day and any plans you can schedule in your Google calendar.

It also shows the weather conditions of your location too there is digital clock and date can also been shown. There will most visited websites can be shown, and you can also bring back your browser from normal mode to advanced mode.

There is an extension called "Tab Tab - Better way to start" you can add this extension to your Google Chrome.

Let me explain you to add the task just click on add task and create your new task once you completed click on the checkbox then the task will be ended, and it will cross mark.

Next additional program that will be my plans you can organize with the dates with festivals and important days you can add this and schedule it accordingly on google calendar. You can just sign in with your Gmail account then the calendar will appear on the browser.

Then it will show you the weather report along with your location and also you can see the digital clock. Just click on the websites which you often use it, and you can also check the option to toggle widgets and enable or disable it.

There will be some options that you can format the date and time format will be 12hrs or 24hrs weather widget screen and the degree unit you can set these options by your own.


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