"Is it you in the video?" Facebook, Messenger, Scam via Clickbaits


Hi in this post I am going to tell you about how people will steal your passwords.

People will steal passwords from Facebook videos or through Facebook credentials under Gmail login details to get these details they will use some techniques like adding up extensions in your Google Chrome or any other process that you are using, and it's really dangerous that whenever you log in they might get all the details, and they can see whatever you were doing in your browser.

So to get rid of these issues I suggest you not add any third party extensions blindly from your Google Chrome. They will share you the message as a known person, and they will send our photo with it along with some link if you click on that link it will take to a new tab now the source could not be found.

This was one of the technique which people use actually there is some extension will pop up and what happens next when you click and add this extension they will get all the details and I suggest not to do that or add an extension to your Google Chrome.

Just go to the Google Chrome store if you want to add any extensions on your page please check that particular page on the Google.com website and if you add any extensions from Google Chrome store it will be secured, and you can also see the https which means that protocols are really secured.

Don't add any extension which will pop up as message or ad, and it will provoke you to add an extension to your browser and I strongly recommend not add those unknown extensions. 



This is one of the way to steal all your credentials of gmail account, facebook account and all other account you hold in internet. So be aware of extension when you add something in your browser or any software that you add in your system. Nothing is safe around the world now a days.

So this post's ultimate purpose is to deliver the awareness about how to be safe online mostly learn and share to the people who thinks they do all this kind of mistake like simply adding extensions or software into their systems.

My real time experience is my little brother accidentally fallen into this trap and most probably he might lost all his credentials who knows ?? So all we can do is aware as many as people about this stupid methods they use to steal our passwords or credit or debit card details etc.

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