How to create alarm clock in windows (easy way)


Hi in this post I am going to tell you about how to set an alarm in your windows operating system.


Step 1 - Go to the windows button -----> open  computer ------> select manage option ----> Right click on it.


Step 2 -  You can see the task scheduler option -----> click on task scheduler library -----> Go to create basic task.


Step 3 - In the create basic task option there will be two options ----> Name (Alarm) -----> Description (stop studying) -----> click next button ----> set an alarm timing as one time option. If you want to set an alarm for daily, weekly or monthly you can click anyone of those options appeared on the screen.

Step 4 - Click one time option ----> start date to be fixed ----> Timing ----> click on next button.


Step 5 - It will ask you three options ----> what action do you want the task to perform?

Start a program 

Send an E-mail

Display a message


Step 6 - click on start a program -----> so that you can patch any mp3 audio file or it can your favourite music or alarm music ----> just click next button.


Step 7 - It will ask you to set any program or script -----> click on browse option -----> where you can select your alarm music or tone -----> click next ----> Finish button 



If you want to make any changes or editing the alarm you can do it . If you like this post please do share and comment.

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