How to run NFS-MW game in 4K resolution (Full HD)


Hello in this post I'll show you how to run your Need for Speed Most Wanted  this is one of the favourite game to play every time

So it's very or wonderful game still with my favourite number one game so what I'm going to do with that game today is that it allows me to run only in a 4:9 resolution even though my graphic arts supposed supports or 16:9  resolution, but it doesn't run that way because the game's designed very well.

There is a small application which helps this game to run it on 16:9 solution and I found somewhere is very useful so that I could be able to enjoy my game and each and every bit, so I thought that this will be useful for you guys too so let's get started.

Click on where you have to install your game or program if you see that the little bore three files which is additionally which I have a player over here this is what makes me to run this game into 16:9 resolution.

NFS Most Wanted aureus which means the resolution dot.exe so before running this application you need to upgrade your game into our version 1.2 to 1.3 so that only this application works.

To upgrade all this kind of stuff I will put the link in the description which is a patch application which will help your game to upgrade to version 1.2 to 1.3. This is called a summer patch software for this every game has that, so I put that link in the description below you can download it.

To run that application it will be upgraded automatically to 1.2 version. So now so once if you're done upgrading your game just run this application. I will put these three files into a link where you can download it for free you can check out that link in the description below.

So once you download that place that files in the location where you have been selling them we first be Most Wanted so after that just run this application the small window will pop up so this is what does all the magic so here these are two slots which is your nothing but your resolution you need to enter the resolution value over here and then click on this version 1.3. Click on launch button where you can now the game will be launched automatically through nfsMW.exe.

Right click on this desktop and then click screen the solution, but it will show you the highest maximum recommend resolution, so it wears with the graphic card which you have installed in our processor, so I just put it down that values and then put over here in order to play it in a full resolution and then click launch.

Enjoy your NFS Most Wanted game in high definition 16:9 resolution full HD. 

Need for speed Most wanted game patch v1.3: 

Download nfsmwres files:

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