How to add your favorite image to mp3 files

You will be listening to your favourite songs sometimes you can feel that picture make it sense and for example the music is Shakira la la la which is the latest song, and it still shows an old image.


I thought it to change my own image to it which will be the latest image of Shakira relevant to this song.

Just add the album at this mp3 player with that latest image how i am going to do that. Download the latest image of that song and save it in your system and take that image drag it paste the new image, and it pops up an error that album art can't be changed when a song from the album is in use please try again later click OK and if the song is in use just close the song.

Once you have closed it go and check the song where the song has been saved on your system when you play the song it shows the new image which you have added to it and like the same way you can also add any images to any songs.

If you don't have any image of that song select any image which is relevant to this song and do the same way and once you restart the song it shows the new image. Please like this post to share and comment. 

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