How to block adult content websites in a single click

There is a software called angel which helps to block all kinds of porn sites I put the link in the description where you can download this software so let's get started.

Step 1 - open your browser and then go to the site where it  goes to the site where you can find the very first link 27 July 13 DNS angel v 1.2.

Step 2 -  Just click on it and then here we can see the description or the demonstration of the software you can now better go through it so for the better understanding and then know if you want to download this software just click this button download.

Step 3 - Go to downloads  there is file extracted angel in our file.

Step 4- Double-click on this angel.exe now this software will open.

Step 5 - With this software is you can either click any one of these four buttons to block any kind of phone sites in websites or Internet so what are these two buttons will restore to the default which means that to get out of video means to unblock all kind of porn sites which you don't have to do.

Step 6- With this first button safe one it says that status is safe now you can check it out whether it's working or not so let's let us go to some of the porn sites it shows like warning access to the website is not allowed.

Step 7 -  Try another one it is the same warning access the website is not allowed so this way you can save your children from watching a porn sites or another condenser.

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