How to block unwanted ads on Google Chrome

You know that there is a plugin called AdBlock which will block any kind of ads in your webpage. Here I have mentioned particularly unwanted because as I don't want to block all the ads on the website. You can see on the website ads which is decently shown like this image need to be pasted, and you can go and click on that page and view it, and you see all the useful contents also in that ad, and you can download it too. Some ads like mp3 download stuff which will show lots of ads to download now, play now and start and download which will makes you to confuse what will be the actual download server of mp3 file.

When you click on that particular site it keeps on opens new tabs and ads which will be really annoying. To block this type of website just copy the web address for example ( and then go for options in that ad block website you can see the general, filter lists and customize options.

Customize where you like it because you can add which web search you need to block particular. It shows that show ads everywhere except for these domains and then just paste the previously you have copied the website and click OK this extension will take care of the website.

Whenever I just click on it before that I like to unpause it in ad block there are 5 ads which are shown in this particular website which is not shown right now after doing this ad block you don't need to worry to click the any link which will directly redirect to the download of the particular song in this way ad block will helps you in nice way to block unwanted contents from the websites, and it will feel free to run your webpage.

Still it will appear some other ad content you want to click on ad bock menu and click on enable ad block on this page, so that will do. If you feel any site that is more annoying with more ads and unwanted contents just go and block in your webpage with this process. I just want to convey you that don't block every ad because some will be in useful content, and they will work hard for it. If like this post please share and comment. 

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