How to play Classic, Retro games in any Windows Operating System

Let's take Windows 7 as an operating system here.

You know that Windows 7 doesn't allow you anything to play but with this software you can play all the DOS files using this .EXE files

Only thing you have to do is download this down DOSBox software which helps you to play the very old games. I will show you some examples. I will mention the download link on the description below.

You just need to click on this link and download the software, once you have done just double-click the software now it will look like this

 Here you can see mount D drive  where my gives games has been installed so in this  now you have to use this command like MOUNT D D:\ and then backward slash and this command will appear and then next once again D : Enter and then Drive will be mounted.

 Let me show you another example if I want to mount my local drive C, so this is how  you need to do C C:\ Enter this is how it shows that it is NOT RECOMMENDED something like that, but you can type C : \ Enter, and now you can see this C drive has been mounted.

Just so you can use this command like cls which can be used to clear the screen like this

Now I go back to MOUNT D D:\ because i have installed my games on this drive and once it was done then we have to look the folders and files that the drive contains, and then you just use this command dir it shows all the files and folders that is present in drive D.

So that I know this folder contains games Enter and CD games Enter and then dir this games folder contains two games first game is DAVE and another game is WOLFENSTEIN in this I would like to show you that this WOLFENSTEIN  type CD that is changed directory to WOLFEN~1 Enter, and it displays like this.  

Once again dir it shows the files that it contains we need only this .EXE file, so you just have to type CLS which is WOLFEN~1 you can view this screen, and now I know that file name is wolf3d Enter.

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