How to use google chrome in offline mode (easy way)

Sometimes if you are unable to have internet in some localities, but you want to read some contents that you already visited in any web pages on the internet so in such cases you can use this technique to use Google Chrome in offline mode.

What google does it automatically caches the content which you have visited already in any of the web pages, and it will be stored in the cache memory. So what you need to do is you need to type those in your address bar and then click enable I mean now it shows enable offline load stale button it will store your cache memory.

Whatever contents that you are visiting in a Google content or in a Google Chrome it will be showed in the cache memory and only one thing that you can make this tab enable then only it will work.

Once you're done with this it will ask you to relaunch now and then click a relaunch now option.

You can also use this as an updated version of Google Chrome so then only this option is available. Before some articles I have read in their internet which shows that enable offline mode which is not available in the latest version of Google Chrome. This method you need to follow it will work fine and click relaunch now.

It will be relaunched the one thing you need to know about this technique that the web pages like Facebook, YouTube with contents which needed a flash player or JavaScript which does not work with this method. Only the contents you can read and then some images you can visit other sites like how to use Google Chrome in offer amount which is only HTML  and the CSS background image I will see my internet is not available now you can't access anything let's see the magic here if you click on ho to use Google Chrome at offline mode it's not available I got it has shows saved copy.

When you click on it will show the saved copy but the contents which require internet will be shown like this as closed one with dinosaurs image. If you like this post please do share and comment.

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