My monitor blacks out while playing games - Solved

I'm running my PC with Windows 7 Operating System and Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT Graphic Card.

I recently faced this issue. Turns out to be the problem lies in the resolution you're trying to play and what kind of cable you are using to connect your monitor and the graphic card. To play games in higher resolution, go with HDMI cable.

The reason behind my screen black out is due to the high resolution, more than 640 x 480 in which I'm trying to play the game.

This is not possible with VGA cable because it only supports 640 x 480.

So, the solution here is to convert your VGA cable into DVI connector and using HDMI port. HDMI Cable will support monitor to run on 4K ultra HD resolution. If also your graphic card supports, also keeping in the mind that few games only support up to some extent of resolution like 2K High Definition.


  • If you are facing blank screen, but audio still play behind the screen. 
  • Then it is due to the VGA cable compatibility issue. 
  • Change the cable either to DVI or HDMI.

If not, you can use VGA to HDMI convertor for smooth gameplay. Happy Gaming!

Hope this helped you solve the problem. Leave a comment below, in case it didn't work out.

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