How to speed up Google Chrome browser (easy way)

Hi in this post I am going to tell you about how to make your Google Chrome a faster browser better than what you have right now.

We all know that Google Chrome is the fastest browser than any other browsers but still we need to be taking care of unwanted things in order to work our browser the faster way.

I am going to disable some settings which we have in a Google Chrome:

Go to the settings -----> Advanced settings -----> you can see some of the unwanted settings that you need to disable it.

You need to have these 2 options for your security purpose because you need to about the phishing is one of the hacking technique which takes out our login details without even knowing what's happening behind. For the security incidents to google and these two settings are really necessary.

Go to the proxy settings -----> click LAN settings ------> disable they automatically detect settings because what ever automation happens that will drag your browser speed just disable it and click OK.

Once you completed this procedure just close the browser and refresh the system. There is another step you need to do in the command prompt (cmd.exe) to make sure you run this cmd.exe in administration settings and type ipconfig / flushDNS it was nothing but domain name system which contains unwanted domain name that are stored in browser. It was a cache memory what happens when we enter this command it will flush out all the DNS cache memory so that your browser runs faster.

It will complete the command, and it says successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache after completing these both settings make sure you run your browser from the desktop and try to access some websites and let me know what speed have you got or either you got any changes or not got any of the changes. I think if you do these methods definitely it will helps to run the browser as faster.

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