How to create WIFI hotspot in laptop (easy way)

Hi today about this post I'm going to tell  you people how to convert your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot.


what do you do is just go to this site called virtual router dot-com there is a software called the virtual router can click on this download button. so what it will do is it will produce all the steps that you are doing manually and make it even more simpler with this software application.

once you finish your download just click on is a setup icon and it will take you to the some procedures which is very simple installation process which I am NOT going to showing up here I've already installed this software so  it will show like this so I'm just gonna cancel .

so once you finish your installation where you have to go is Start menu and click which will just type it up and you will get here and click on it, you guys here the first thing is your network name you can have it any name you like I'm just gonna my name here and here is the password you can type any password but it must be more than 8 characters and then click on wireless network connection so after that you just click on the start virtual router.

Before that I'm gonna show you what happens when you click on this so just open your network and sharing and go for change adapter settings. Here is the odd is creator when you click on there's start which will router which will automatically to assign for our wireless network connection to where as  this is the primary wireless connection which I would take it from my router but what happens when you click on the start virtual router you can able to see something like identification and now it turns to Naveen - then here it is converted to share so what happened is that is Wi-Fi is shared this is all load to access to other laptops or any portable devices you see so this is what happens so when you take your mobile to connect with this laptop we get to show you and having and unity of this password.

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