Is your system running slow? Then, Lets Make it Faster

Hi in this post I am going to tell you that why is your system is getting slow and how to make it faster.

There are 2 reasons that why your system is slow

  •  First thing there will be many background applications is running which will make your system very slow.

  • Another reason that any files or applications that you have stored in a temporary folder on the  c drive.

So I am going to tell how your system getting out of that with a software called "CC Cleaner". This software will clear all the unwanted files which was stored in hard disk and as well as in RAM.

You can see the option windows it will scan all the files from the operating system once if you click run clear, and it will remove all background files which is unnecessary, and it will show you how much MB it has removed.

There is other option in that software is applications it can also remove all the unwanted files from your browser, and it will start running the browser as much as faster click again on run clear it will also remove files and gives the space to run fast.

Another menu is that "Registry" it was nothing which ever files is unnecessary and unwanted files used by operating system and also any file has been corrupted, or any errors occurred in order to clear all the files and tick mark the checkboxes and click to scan for issues.

Once it starts scanning it will remove which ever files is troubling your system or hiding it in your system, but some files might be not useful and that kind of files will be displayed after scanning it to clean it click to fix selected issues. It will ask you to keep the backup of this file just save it and click on fix issue it will be done.

In the tools' menu there will be a startup option if any files which is unnecessarily running on behind operating system you can disable it and if it's running it might also get used some of your memory and then the system will run slow. If you need some applications is not necessary just click the file and select disable option which will not run when you reboot your application it called startup application. There were windows option will run your speed down just disable the application which is not useful.

If you have done all these steps with this software definitely it will run your system as much as faster, and you can also clear all the files and applications with this software. If you like this post please like, share and comment.

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