Cyberika Mobile Game - Connection Failed - Solved


This happened to me the very first day I tried to download and install and play the game. Since then, it's started to annoy me. Because, I couldn't get into the gameplay.

This error dialogue keeps popping up.

Connection Error - Failed connecting to the server. Check your internet connection and try again

I thought by just pressing OK will solve the problem. But, it didn't. Then I started to look into internet to find a solution. Even Reddit and discord. No hope.

I came to me later that this might be an issue of network service provider. Meaning, I have dual SIM in my smartphone. SIM-1 contains LTE+ which provides more than 3G network speed and less than 4G functionalities.

This is not understood by the Cyberika Team. They thought there is no internet connection to this device. So, the solution here is...

When I switched my data to SIM-2 which provides 4G network. It started to work like a charm. Or you can connect to any Wi-Fi network. That will do the trick as well.


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