My internet is not working, except Google - Solved

In Ubuntu, this was one day all of a sudden my wife's laptop started to behave in such a way that she can't make the Firefox browser connect to the internet. Obviously I started to involve as a crime investigator. LOL.

Anyway, the problem seems to be it connected with unsecured IP address (IPv4). How do I know that? Well, when I used a VPN connection. Suddenly it started to work and gets back to normal by disconnecting from it. There I realized that it has to do something with IPv6 and proxy.

Hence, went straight away to the address bar of Firefox and started doing some research about it and found out all we have to do is...


Go to address bar and type "about:config" in Firefox. It will prompt a page to accept the warning. Like below shown image...

Click on "Accept the Risk and Continue".


Now, search - "IPv6" in the search bar and what you are looking for is this option "network.dns.disableIPv6". If it shows "false" then turn it into "true". And thats that, you now able to surf the web easily without any issue.

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