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Why we need to add google search box in our website?

That's a good question because it will help you to get in top of the queue in the Google search engine algorithm. Thanks to google for providing such opportunity to fill the gap between the competitors. Now, all that left is brought traffic to our website with good resourceful content and BOOM!!

More organic traffic will pile up in your website. Being all said that, let's get on to how to add google search box in our website.


  1. Go to the link provided above and sign in 
  2. Click on New search engine
  3. Now enter * in the Site's to search input box
  4. Select your language
  5. Give a name to the engine in the below input box of Name of the search engine
  6. That's it, you can hit the CREATE button and get the HTML code.
  7. Click on get code button and copy and paste it to your desired section of the web page.

Hope you like this post useful and do let me know if you need any queries to be answered.


  • Also, you can earn from this feature. 
  • Just click on the Ads tab and enable search engine monetization. 
  • If you already have AdSense enable to your account, it will automatically detect it and applies to the website. 
  • Although it may take 2 or 3 days to apply revenue setting into your search engine box. 
  • Once, it is done, your CPC revenue reflects in your AdSense account.

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