How to create a picture password on windows 10

In this post i'm going to tell you how to create a picture password on windows 10

 Step 1 - Go to search settings and search for personalization to customize your Start screen

 Step 2 - There is an option called change picture password which is create a picture password and their password 

 Step 3- Now choose picture which it shows on your PC or laptop 

 How to use a picture password

 click any one of the picture that you have in your laptop or PC to open click on use this picture here it allows you to do three inputs that you can give either it can be a dot or H stripe or a big circle it can be you can combine any one of these inputs you can use any three dots or three stripes or you can combine with the circle also you can allow three types of inputs now it asked me to reconfirm the password two and three now he shows that congratulations you have successfully create your picture password. 

 Sign in windows now we go to Windows now start screen now restart your system is a screen now. 

It will ask for the password which i have already given what you have to do is just keep that in an order first dot and then it try and then a whole big circle see it gets into the desktop so this is how we had to set a password on your system try it now.  If you read this post kindly like it share the post.

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