How to get CORTANA on your Windows Phone 8.1

 Hi everyone in this post i am going toshow you how to" CORTANA"  on your windows phone.

step 1- Go the phone settings click on about where you can see all the information about your phone and you need to know that whats your windows phone version in my phone its 8.1 version it was showing right now. 

step 2 - Click on more information and you need to make sure that you have this OS version as 8.10.14176.243. If this version is not avaiblein the sense you need to download an app called preview for developers from store.

step 3 - Just click on preview for developers app this will opens and shows like this and click on next.

step 4 - Accept all the terms and conditions and later you need to signin with your microsoft account and click sign in button. 

step 5 - Click on enable preview for developers checkbox just click done button.

step 6 - Go to the settings and click on that phone update option and it will ask you for an update.

step 7 - Click on upate option and your phone will be updated once it got updated your phone will be restarted.

step 8 - Once you have finished the updating process go to the settings and then slide to the applications in that click "CORTANA" and make sure all the additional options are coming under the settings once your phone got updated. 

step 9 - Click on that "CORTANA" and turn on it and need to click on all the check boxes and you can change you name in the change my name option and my name willbe shown on the screen. 

step 10 - Now go to speech settings and in that speech language you need to select the language "English" (United Kingdom)

once everything is done just restart your mobile phone and click on that search button and the screen shows you the "CORTANA" on your windows mobile phone.

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