Resident Evil 7 - Bio Hazard - Error Fixed - renderdevice_dx11_cpp - Windows10

Ok, I'm typing this with immense relief and satisfaction that I can play this game smooth and easy without any crashes or freezing screen. Thanks to the person who made a patch for below error that seems to be occurring at the instance of launching the Resident Evil 7 - Bio Hazard.



Luckily I found this twitter thread from GPD Game Consoles(@softwincn), which provides a patch for this fix by the filename called RE7Launcher.rar 

  1. Download the file and extract the file RE7Launcher.exe into the game directory
  2. Right click the file and run it as administrator
  3. That's it the game will now run without DirectX issue.

Let me know, if you have any issues in working out above procedure. Have a nice day.

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Feel free to ask your queries, happy to discuss with you.

  1. after applying this, the error doesnt appear but the game is stuck on 'checking downloadable content please do not turn off you computer'

    1. Try to the game without internet connection

  2. hey uh i tried getting it running but for some reason the voice language is an entirely different language despite the only option for voice language in setting is english

  3. Thanks, this worked for me!


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Feel free to ask your queries, happy to discuss with you.