Resident Evil 8 - Freezes and Crashes to the Desktop - Fix

I was running this game in my HP Intel Iris XE Graphics, ya, even I was not expecting that it would but any way it successfully launched and everything was going well in minimum settings.

After couple of minutes gameplay it freezes and crashed to desktop. All hope lost, thinking that it is the fate of the Resident Evil 8 with integrated graphic chip.

Luckily this issue was not only happening on my machine but also highly configured systems. My hope is back and the problem is seems to be 

STEAM client application which need to be opened before playing the game

That's it. Just DOWNLOAD the steam client and no need to login or anything. 

Open the application and close it, this seems to fill the dependencies the game have to run smoothly and viola. You are good to go.

Let me know in the comment section, if this issue resolved. Happy Gaming.


If in case during the gameplay crashes to the desktop, it is recommended to turn off the internet connection through out the gamplay. These are the solution that worked for me. If you have any tricks do let me know in the comment section. So that others benefit from this. Thank you.

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