SOLVED- WiFi Network Adapter Not Found - Ubuntu - Windows Dual OS

This shows available WiFi networks

Recently found out that, Windows has the potential to cause this issue as they update WiFi adapter drivers.

Which literally took ability to reinstall wifi drivers in Ubuntu OS. This laptop I'm using contain dual OS. Both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.4. 

I mostly try to avoid any updates given by Windows 10 until and unless it is most required. Because it sometimes causes hardware issues like this.

At first I've no idea about windows is causing this issues. Luckily after trying many attempts using Ubuntu command line code which obviously went vein, I found in stack overflow, a user stating that Windows update has this habit of doing so.

So I waited until next udpate there it showed me WiFi update is available. 

Without a due given update and to my suprise Ubunut WiFi is back on its leg.


Meanwhile our job is to provide internet to the laptop.

1) We can connect if LAN wire is available and assuming your laptop supports it, if not

2) Connect with mobile using USB tethering that act as an Ethernet

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