Home Remedy for WARTS !!! Simple and Effective


Warts @ Hand and Legs

This has happened to me 3 years ago. At first, I thought this is just normal, and it would fall off on its own. But, things went south and not as expected. More warts started to appear around it, this is when I started to panic. Even worst, it started to spread to other fingers. The more I touch with other fingers, greater it spreads.

Then I decided to see a dermatologist to take care of it. I didn't know then it would be costlier. Yes, they charged me about 1K+ each wart. I literally got 10+ warts already. Upon discount, they charged me 2.5K to remove 5 warts. The Rest of warts were very tiny, after a few days some started to appear again. This is when I found a home remedy which worked like magic.

We as Indians have many ayurvedic remedies available ready at home in pooja room. Like one of many is VIBUDHI. I apply vibudhi in the middle of the forehead between eyebrows sometimes a little above them. Since I sweat a lot, vibhudi will be gone on my forehead. So, my mom suggested adding a few drops of water before applying on the forehead. To do so I used my fingers to mix it well. Fortunately that became my solution to wart problem. 

I started to notice one or two warts falling down from my fingers on its own. I was amazed to see that and wondered for a couple of minutes what made it do that. It is the VIBUDHI/HOLY ASH I mixed with water solution gave me this result. After the realization I used the vibudhi paste on other warts, and magically it worked. That has been a huge relief for me. Since then, I'm eager to share this solution to the people who are going through the same.

Also, there are other types of warts. Which commonly appears on arms. I suggested the same solution to one of my colleague within a couple of weeks it is gone.

 In case if you are not from India, an alternative solution could be the ashes of AGARBATTI/DHOOP.

Use the same method, collect the ashes of dhoop and add few drops of water until a form of paste is created then apply on the warts. Let it dry. That will do. Comment below if you have any queries. Happy to help. 

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