Shiva and Shakthi - EXPLAINED - THE TRUTH !!!

 We all know everything is made up of energy. Then how come there can be two entities separated yet together all the time? Well here is how the story goes and we will how it is the same to our self itself.

Initially there was nothing, only there was void. All of a sudden there is this awakening took place and this is what we call parabrahma swaropam. The almighty, supreme, niakar(no shape) and nirgun(no emotions). Pure state of existence. This is the ultimate truth.

Now, this self since awakened and not aware of where it is and what it is. Realized that it is energy and to find where it is, tried to move but it could not able to do so. Then using its energy created a huge circle of Space, along with that Air appeared in it, now he can able to move. He went at the end of the circle and created again a new circle of space with that a new geometrical structure is formed that is vesica piscis. He then said "Let there be a light". Fire is formed. Followed by Water and Earth eventually.

In this process it started to lose it self energy most of its energy is spent on this creation. Then it thought let have some for our self, because if we lose the self then what is the point? Who is there to observe what is? Hence a part of energy is reserved all the time for consciousness, hence there we go SHIVA is created. Then whats rest of the energy is being used for exploration purposes. What we see as planetary systems.

This stillness or awareness is what is given as MALE energy and that which moving all the time change is its function is FEMALE energy. This varies body to body sometimes even male body can have female energy proportional high and sometimes female body can have male energy proportion high in number. Based on that their characteristics is built and experiencing the creation.

Once there is no new song to be sung. The creation is said to be ceased to exist and all energy will be brought back to the updated self consciousness.

Multimillion karma question is how can we see this in ourself. Well, this can be experienced as the consciousness we are having is Shiva and other bodily matters are Shakthi. When we are at deep sleep state the awareness that one is sleeping dies meaning the state of nothingness from which everything is awakened.
From this first man has been emerged that is SHIVA himself where the intensity of the consciousness is high. Bodily matters are not given much of the importance for this being. Then Parvathi Devi meaning first Feminine form is emerged where bodily matters keep change and given importance according to the wordly matters.

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