There are 2 TRUTHS in the Universe

We all basically go with the statement "There is only one TRUTH". Ideally it is not the case as far as this universe concerned. In India great ancient beings pondered into this very detailed manner. They even gave art form of SHIVA and SHAKTHI as Ardhanarieshwar.

Here it is symbolic representation. Meaning, one that doesn't move and the another constantly move. That which doesn't move is awareness or consciousness. To be aware is to witness alone. Where the other entity is subjected to constant change.

There is a beautiful saying "Only change will not change".

With this transformational energy is what we see as the five elements. SPACE, AIR, FIRE, WATER & EARTH.

And the combination of these elements is what we see as planetary systems.

The colors that are given to consciousness is blue with violet and kinetic energy is given as red with orange.

Therefore one must understand in oneself there is both energies established. For witnessing and expanding.

Through this balance will be achieved. More for understanding on this balance topic yin yang is quite an example used all over the world.

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