Hogwarts Legacy Stuttering Issue Fix - Disk Cleanup - Windows 11


Step 1: 

    Open Disk Cleanup App for (C:)

Step 2:

    Click on Clean up system files button

Step 3:

    Click on the DirectX Shader Cache checkbox

Step 4 (Optional):

    Also check for other memory consumed items like Delivery Optimization Files etc.

Step 5:

    Click on Ok button.

Wise Memory Optimizer:

  • Download wise memory optimizer software and run it once before playing the game.
Also if there is any overlay applications like Intel Arc or Xbox Game bar make sure to disable it before playing the game.

  • Remove unwanted appdata from windows by pressing Winkey + R
  • Type "appdata" and the press Enter
  • Go to Local folder and remove other unnecessary folders to save space

Sample Screenshot of Hogwarts Legacy on Windows 11 Intel iRIS Xe Graphics 16 GB RAM 

Let me know how this solution helped you play portkey games - Hogwarts Legacy smoothly without any lag. Happy Gaming!

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