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10 Natural Ways to Remove Kidney Stones Easily

1) Fenugreek & HorseGram roast and make a powder, take a tablespoon morning and evening 2) Tulasi/Holy Basil leaves with honey regularly in a day helps in removing stones from kidney 3) Oregano leaves crushed and make it as juice helps in giving relief from kidne…

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Top NEW Vegetarian/Vegan foods for PROTEIN 2023

It has been not so easy to make humans understand that plants and its seeds are rich source of protein. Also, since there is not much of an awareness among vegetarians itself about their food style, words did not play well. We do not need animals for protein. In the pu…

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Natural Benefits of Earthing - Here is how our Ancestors followed it

Let us know what is earthing in the first place. EARTHING: It is a relationship between your foot and the earth soil. Why I'm so interested in doing this research is that I started to notice my body behaving like a weak substance. Not much of muscle strength no…

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