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Shiva and Shakthi - EXPLAINED - THE TRUTH !!!

We all know everything is made up of energy. Then how come there can be two entities separated yet together all the time? Well here is how the story goes and we will how it is the same to our self itself. Initially there was nothing, only there was void. All of a sud…

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There are 2 TRUTHS in the Universe

We all basically go with the statement "There is only one TRUTH". Ideally it is not the case as far as this universe concerned. In India great ancient beings pondered into this very detailed manner. They even gave art form of SHIVA and SHAKTHI as Ardhanariesh…

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Let's meet 33 GODS including the SELF

How I arrived into 33 gods? Well our universe is made up of 5 elements. In Samskrutham (AKA) Sanskrit we call it pancha bhoothas (5 entities).  Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  If that is so then lets try number of variation using 5 coin toss problem. That will lead to…

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